pollen is la’s first mobile flower cart where a florist is on stand-by, literally, to help you create a fantastic bouquet for any occasion. pollen has fresh cut seasonal flowers that are grown locally in Southern California. fresh flowers immediately enhance the dynamic of a room, known for its therapeutic qualities and is a great celebratory element.



pollen enjoys hanging out during the day and night. we’re typically at a private event where adults now look for activities like building bouquets and floral crowns. pollen loves the kiddos too – we have a blast at children’s birthday parties! we are also seen at the farmers market, corporate events, bridal showers and weddings. other times were are peddling to our next los angeles pop-up location and hope to meet you.

Kathleen T.

Head of Creative

“when corporate life ends, creativity blooms”

book us for your special event. we would love to be there and celebrate with you on birthday parties, weddings, bridal showers, corporate event, or something we can create together. we’re open to hearing your event idea and planning together.

all our bouquets are made to order. we use fresh flowers from california grown flower fields. every season we carry a different variety of blooms and greens for your bouquet or floral crown.